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I never really gave the fact that our island is home for a immense variety of fruits until many of our visitors started asking about what fruits to try while they are on holiday. Most were quite surprised and continue to be when they see the variety of fruits we have available in Sri Lanka, it is specially true with the variety of bananas available. So here are a Sri Lankan fruits that you must try if you are a fruit lover. ...continue reading "Fruits in Sri Lanka / Must try Sri Lankan Fruits"

It has been a few months since we visited any Southern beach. So we decided to do a weekend trip to one of our all time favorite places, Unawatuna and Galle. I know some might say these places are highly over rated and too touristy. Yes, both places attract a lot of visitors because Galle Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Unawatuna is a beach that everyone can enjoy since the waters are shallow. We have so many found memories here so we keep going back. First day we spent time in Galle, walking around inside the Galle Fort and on the second we decided to explore and try to find a place we haven’t been to. ...continue reading "A superb spot to take a dip!"