At a game centre in Hanwella, approximately 30 kilometres west of Colombo.

The paintball centre is located on a big swathe of land adjoining the Kelani River.  They have three or four fields, depending on the game you wish to play and the numbers involved.

There are 2 sessions conducted every day – First session from 8am – 1pm and the second session from 1pm – 6pm. There is no specific season of the year applicable to the outdoor paintball arena. However, bad weather conditions could hinder the game.

All except those mentioned below are allowed to participate.

Pregnant mothers, children below 10years and people with critical medical conditions.

For a good game of paintball, a group of 20 would be best.  They will be divided into two teams of ten each.  This would ensure a more exciting and satisfying game, as there will be more targets to hit.  The lesser the number, the lesser the targets.

Paintball guns, tank mask, safety jacket and 100 paintballs.

Yes they do.  “Capture the Flag” ends when one team captures the other team’s flag, located at their base.  “Last Man Standing” ends when one team annihilates the other.

Safety jackets, masks, equipment and gear will be provided. Please bear in mind getting hit by a paintball can be painful and leaves some bruises.

  1. Make sure you wear clothes and shoes which will be comfortable for running and suitable for such a game.
  2. Jackets, masks and equipment will be issued before the game begins. Make sure you follow instructions very clearly and armor yourself as instructed.
  3. Instructions will be given by an officer with all the rules and regulations involved. The game should be played accordingly.
  4. Paintball will not be played during the time of rain. The main reason for this is that, when the paintballs are wet, they tend to clog inside the guns which will require serious repairwork to the guns.
  5. Leeches can be found on the premises. It is advised for you to wear leech socks or carry necessary repellent ointment if you are uncomfortable with this situation.

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