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About Trabana Tours

The idea of setting up Trabana Tours came about as a result of our helping friends visiting Sri Lanka, to plan their itinerary – we realized we enjoyed it so much, and our friends had the best holiday ever! Inspired by these successes, we organized ourselves better, as a dedicated team of travel consultants and have not looked back since.

Our expertise as travelers both in Sri Lanka and abroad, enables us to understand the needs of travelers; and ensure truly memorable holidays for our clients. We know how frustrating it can be to be misled when you are planning a trip, and how important it is to have someone you can trust, who has been there and evaluated the pros and cons before you.

Your individual likes and dislikes are given the highest priority. While we will ensure that you avoid pitfalls and tourist traps; by leveraging on our contacts and experience, we would be able to organize the trip at a competitive rate.

We strive to be as transparent as possible, and work closely with our clients, in the time leading up to their trips to ensure they understand what to expect, and are able to make the most of their time in Sri Lanka. Being a ‘boutique’ travel company enables us to provide bespoken holidays of the highest quality – with seamless planning and maximum attention to detail.

We aim to arrange your most memorable holiday in Sri Lanka!