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Fruits in Sri Lanka / Must try Sri Lankan Fruits

I never really gave the fact that our island is home for a immense variety of fruits until many of our visitors started asking about what fruits to try while they are on holiday. Most were quite surprised and continue to be when they see the variety of fruits we have available in Sri Lanka, it is specially true with the variety of bananas available. So here are a Sri Lankan fruits that you must try if you are a fruit lover.

  • Banana
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • King Coconut
  • Avocado
  • Wood apple
  • Rambutan

Bananas in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka we easily have over 10 to 15 varieties of bananas. Most bananas are sweet when ripped but can be a bit sour too. Majority is yellow in colour when ripped but there is a type of banana where the skin is maroon in colour when ripped. Bananas are available round the year and are quite common. Few of the best known types of bananas are ambul, kolikuttu, suwendel, anamalu and seeni .

Papaya/ Paw Paw in Sri Lanka

We mostly eat it as a fruit but some make papaya curry or add it in pickles before it ripens. Fruit is a beautiful organge/yellow/slightly red in colour inside and can be easily made in to a juice too. Again papaya is available throughout the year.

Pineapple in Sri Lanka

Pine apple is a tropical fruit that is that is widely available here in Sri Lanka and also around world. The fruit has a mix of sweet and sour taste and it is very popularly used in Salads by us Sri Lankans. Many of our visitors are amazed at how sweet Sri Lankan pineapples taste compared to what they find available in their own countries. Pineapple with Chilli powder and salt in a common fruit snack that is available with the Sri Lankan street food vendors.

King Coconut in Sri Lanka

King coconut is an orange colored coconut and is considered indigenous to Sri Lanka. The coconut contains sweet water that has been a local favorite to quench the thirst and now it is rapidly gaining popularity with the tourists and also as an export beverage.

King coconut is sweeter than regular coconut water and is an excellent hydrating beverage. You will encounter vendors selling King Coconut near most of the major tourist attractions.

Avocado in Sri Lanka

Avocado is a fruit that many travelers are familiar with since it is available in many countries. In Sri Lanka avocado is commonly consumed as a fruit or drink as oppose to a salad ingredient. It is popularly grown in the wet zone of the island. Avocado has been introduced to Sri Lanka during the Dutch occupation.

Avacado season in Sri Lanka -

Woodapple in Sri Lanka

It is a fruit with a hard scruffy rind which is greenish in colour when raw and brownish when ripped. The fruit is commonly available in Sri Lanka especially during the season from around October to February. When you crack open the shell of a ripped fruit you will see a brown pulp with lots of small seeds inside. This can be made into a yummy fruit drink. When you are in Sri Lanka you should give the woodapple juice a go.

Rambutan in Sri Lanka

Rambutan is another fruits that has been introduced to Sri Lanka during the time of colonisation. Main Rambutan season is around July/August where as a smaller harvest is available during December to February.

During the season road side stalls piled up with bright red and yellow hairy fruits is quite an attractive site. For those who have never tasted Rambutan, it is a bit similar to Lychee.

The list of fruits available in Sri Lanka is endless. These are only a very few common ones you will find in most fruit stalls and even at supermarkets.

Good thing is fruits are fairly cheap in Sri Lanka since a lot of it grows in the island. So if you are a fruit lover it will not break your pocket to try a huge variety of fruits during your stay.